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The absurd Internet-oddity of the day is Star Wars Dance Off.  If you think you know what this is going to be and don’t feel the need to watch HOW WRING YOU ARE!!!  The first act alone is worth the price of admission: it features an amazing rendition of Footloose danced by Chewbacca and a Jawa.


Star Wars just pisses me off. The entire plot makes zero sense. I was going to publish a little rant about it but decided to make a video demostrating how it SHOULD have ended.

Don’t worry…it’s only about twenty seconds long, you’ll survive.

Robots are bad; always have been, always will be.  Either they’re soulless jerks intent on exterminating humanity or they’re incompetent fools easily reprogrammed to cause hijinks.

But I have never known them to be addicts…

Until now.

BusyBody C3PO Inspects a Strange Smell

C3PO Smells Smoke!

R2D2 and C3PO Enjoy a Cigarette Break

Oh No! R2D2! Smoking a Cigarette!

R2 Holding a Cigarette

Beep Boob Beep (“Lay Off Me Man, I’m Just Trying To Relax”)

R2D2 Wises Up and Snuffs the Cig

Dee-Dop-Doot (“Fine Narc, I’ll Snuff It”)

Lest you think this is some lame Photoshop job on my part, here’s the video evidence:

I don’t know what chemical you have to put in a cigarette to get a robot to smoke it but, dammit, the geniuses in Durham have figured it out.