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You heard the story of Arnel Pineda?  He was a homeless kid in the Phillipines when the newly reformed power-ballad band Journey “found” him on YouTube (check out the video they watched here).  Flat out, the dude could sing him some Journey.  So they traveled overseas and plucked him out of the Pilipine slums like some latter day Oliver Twist.  He didn’t say “jolly good” or anything like that though, he was like “why you tease me? You no Journey.  Where guy with big hair?”


Point is the guy can sing.  He isn’t just as good as Steve Perry (the “big hair” original singer who for whatever reason believes he is better off sitting on his ass rather than out making millions touring with Journey), he’s better.  Here’s a little comparison using my favorite Journey song “Stone in Love” as the proving grounds.

Steve Perry Version

Arnel Pineda Version

Granted, Perry prevails in the awesomely rad hair and rockin’ animal tee elements but, for every other category, I’m going Pineda baby).


Here’s New York Times Editor Ben Ratliff’s review of Journey’s new album.  Or you can check out the podcast.