I haven’t done a pure links page in awhile because, frankly, the content just hasn’t been there. But like that damn Cat, the Internet has come back. (I knew you had it in you Internets).  Here goes.

1.  Volcano v. Lightning Storm, Round 1

I give this round to Lightning Storm but I’m not counting Volcano out just yet.

Volcano v. Lightning Storm

2.  Chris Rock on Whether Hillary Should Drop Out

Over at Rant/Rave, they have an hilarious quote by Chris Rock regarding Hillary:

When you leave the club at 1 A.M. it’s your choice not to get laid. But if you wait til the club closes, you’re ugly, and that’s why you didn’t get laid.


3.  Art Is A Dead Genre

Art is dead. It’s official. Here’s proof:

Art is Lame

Yup, that’s a bunch of volunteers helping out the art process by being naked and standing in a stadium. Two words: Lame.

4.  Britain Gets the Oreo

Turns out that they didn’t sell Oreos in Britain until recently. Look some American junk food is pretty crappy but, c’mon, we’re talking about the motherfuckin OREO here people?! Anyway, some sort of stodgy, skeptical, and condescending Brit hauled a few down to Leicester Square and gave a little taste test. The results confirm my earlier statement that Brits are “stodgy, skeptical, and condescending.” Here goes nuthin:

My impromptu taste test in Leicester Square is now attracting the attention of puzzled passersby giving us weird looks.

Ms. Woodward’s verdict is that the Oreo is “too … damp.”

I tell her that, according to the ads, it should be “dunked” before eaten.

“In tea?” she asks.

“No, in milk,” I reply.

“Milk?! A biscuit dipped in milk? Who does that?”

“Apparently Americans do,” I explain.

“Well, let them,” she say dismissively. “I won’t be doing it anytime soon.”

Fine you old dame, we WILL!

5.  Top Ten Wines Sold in Grocery Stores

This is the wine recommendation list you really need. A list made up of the wines you find at Safeway. I’m so clueless on this I usually just go with whatever one has a funny animal on the front, like a boar or something. Because, hey, goofy animal = good sense of humor = good taste = good tasting beverage.

6.  You MotherFuckers, I Built The Argument That You Can’t Build A City Out of Rock and Roll. Me!

In case you missed it I did a post a few months back in which I challenged the conventional wisdom that it was technically feasible to built a City entirely out of the musical genre popularly referred to as “Rock and Roll.” (My conclusion: You can’t).  Since then, I keep seeing t-shirts come up based on my idea…and it’s pissing me off because they are fucking awesome.

The First is from Threadless. It’s sold out so you can’t buy it but…not bad.

Threadless We Built This City Tee

The second is from Unatee. This absolutely crushes the idea out of the ballpark. It’s still available and, no, I don’t get some cut from it.  Fact is, it rocks.  (Not hard enough to allow you to manipulate the energy to build a City of course, but it rocks nonetheless).

Then, of course, there’s always THIS little beauty.  It’s a little more involved but, you know, still dope as hay-ell.