I promised to stop with the politicking on here but…well I’m a liar. Actually I believe this is an important enough post to stick it here. And the best part is, I didn’t even write it.


When Obama won Wisconsin for his 11th straight primary victory, many analysts said the race was over. Facing insurmountable odds her aides pleaded with her to resign.

But, to paraphrase Robert Frost, Hillary chose the road less traveled. She chose to fight.

She called Obama a plagiarist, a right-winger, a liar, a left-winger, an elitist, a snob and “out-of-touch.” She sold her soul to Richard Mellon Scaife, to Fox News, to Rush Limbaugh. She played the race card, the gender card, the fear car, and the hick card. She alienated the black community, the activist base, economists, academics, and half the United States (but only the States that “didn’t matter” of course). She sold fear: ominous 3 A.M. phone calls, the great depression, and Osama bin-Laden. She threatened to obliterate Iran, to dismantle OPEC, and name dropped 9/11. She gulped beer, pumped gas and shot whiskey. She loaned herself $11 million dollars and racked-up $10 million more in debt. Worst of all, she shopped her plump promises for shriveled platitudes: $30 in false tax relief to a public $5 trillion in debt.

And now, three months later, at the tail end of a campaign fraught with unnecessary infighting, soul-selling, name calling, party betrayal, and reputation trashing, what did she get? What did she gain for taking that “road less traveled by”?

A net loss of two delegates (381 to Obama’s 383).

She has made no difference.


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