The Atomic Punk

May 6, 2008

(The Interweb Is Full of Idiots Edition)

One Efuckingnough Already! Global Warming Is Not Causing Everything You Don’t Like In The World

I’m almost at the point of joining the anti-global warming zealots. What’s my basis? The continuing hyperbole about Global Warming. Here’s a little article I ran across stating that global warming is increasing the population of bugs in the world. The deduction that flows is, therefore, that we will see more Dengue Fever, Malaria, and, who knows, Mad-Cow Disease?

Two Icon Anti-Scientology Protestor Commits Another Pointless Act of Protest

We get it, Scientology is ridiculous. It was founded by an alcoholic yachtsman with a penchance for sailor’s caps; teaches that humans were stuffed into volcanos by an evil alien; and is helmed by a midget pretty-boy who hangs out with Victoria Beckham. But can someone spare us the V for Vendetta masks and artey photo-op protest?

Scientology Protestor

Honestly, a lot of crap in this world is ridiculous. John McCain’s favorite preacher thinks the end days are coming and the Pope is the anti-Christ. Not just a “bad dude,” the literal anti-Christ! And this Country elected a man who can’t even pronounce “Nuclear.” Not just once, but twice!

But you know what might be more ridiculous?  This “protestor.”

Three Icon Is Obama The Anti-Christ?

Everybody thinks everybody else is the Anti-Christ. Personally I would say that you are but for the fact that 90% of the evidence points to ME being the Anti-Christ too.  However I think that the Anti-Christ would use his power to get massive amounts of pussy so odds are it isn’t either of us.

Anyway…this guy thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ.  The evidence is purty slim on this front so I really doubt it’s him.  First off, ain’t no way the Anti-Christ will be black. No way could a black dude pull off all the attributes of the Anti-Christ, they aren’t bred for it!

Okay. I give up. There is nothing good out here today and now I’m just gettin’ pissed up in here.