Robots are bad; always have been, always will be.  Either they’re soulless jerks intent on exterminating humanity or they’re incompetent fools easily reprogrammed to cause hijinks.

But I have never known them to be addicts…

Until now.

BusyBody C3PO Inspects a Strange Smell

C3PO Smells Smoke!

R2D2 and C3PO Enjoy a Cigarette Break

Oh No! R2D2! Smoking a Cigarette!

R2 Holding a Cigarette

Beep Boob Beep (“Lay Off Me Man, I’m Just Trying To Relax”)

R2D2 Wises Up and Snuffs the Cig

Dee-Dop-Doot (“Fine Narc, I’ll Snuff It”)

Lest you think this is some lame Photoshop job on my part, here’s the video evidence:

I don’t know what chemical you have to put in a cigarette to get a robot to smoke it but, dammit, the geniuses in Durham have figured it out.