It’s over. Spitzer’s initial explanation that he had only engaged in one act turned out to be akin to Hillary’s Presidential bid, pointless. In the last 24 hours facts have come forth showing that:

  • Spitzer had engaged in numerous liaisons with numerous prostitutes; spending over $80,000 in the past few years.
  • Spitzer broke laws relating to the transfer of money; anti-trafficking provisions.

And so he resigns, hauling his poor down-trodden wife out there with him again — for no apparent reason — and refusing to make any specific statement about what it is that he did.  His only statement being that he “failed to live up to his expectations.”  His last day is Monday, the 17th.

This is bullshit. The hubris of this jackass knows no bounds.  This guy was the AG and the Governor; charged with enforcing the laws of the State and protecting the people’s money.  Instead he spends taxpayer funds traveling to trysts with tramps.  (That’s copyrighted by the way).  A number of people have expressed the notion that prostitution shouldn’t be illegal.  Maybe.  But under the present laws of New York the acts he engaged in are illegal.  This was no act of civil disobedience, this was a dude looking to get laid.

But the worst part so far is hauling his wife out there.  Why she would agree to do so is inexplicable.  Why he would want her to do so is explicable: it makes him look better.  Typical.