(What The Kids’re Up To Today — March 9, 2008)

1. The Obama Effect.

Democrat Bill Foster won the seat formerly occupied by Republican Dennis Hastert, partially attributing the win to the endorsement of Barack Obama. is this the beneficial impact of Obama’s new constituency?

2 . Woman Sues Casino for Gambling Addiction.

10,000 blogs will castigate this woman but I don’t think this is outrageous. Gambling addiction is an acknowledged affliction, as the “Problem Gambling” signs posted inside prove. So what do the casinos do? Actively encourage problem gamblers with free rooms, food, limousines, etc., etc.

3. Dick Morris Says: It’s Over.

Dick Morris says the party would be “complicit in its own destruction” were the superdelegates to overrule the delegate count. But he admits the Clintons won’t concede. So he says it’s time to call in the Hatchet Men. “When your opponent starts throwing mud, you’ve got to answer.”

4. Rate My Cop.com.

Some jackasses thought it would be a good idea to list the names of all cops in every municipality then allow people to “rate them.” Unless they start giving people a choice of which cop they want busting them, there’s no legitimate reason for this site.

5. Amavi.

I had this wine last night. You should buy it. It was amazing. God I barely even have seven things to discuss.

6. NBA Panders to Latin Community.

It was “Noche Latina” in the NBA with teams appending the word “los” to their names, thus paying homage to the growing Latin community by doing something completely insignificant.

7. Powerbocking.

Kids strap springs to legs, jump high, do tricks, fall down. This is like lawn darts, sloped trampolines, and gun-slinging monkeys. Awesome.