You probably landed here because you are looking for the link to this official “Wheel of Fortune” swag. Thousands have been hitting my page on this topic. Which makes me happy. Because I need to have a word with you. 

Wheel of Fortune Pendant and Jewelry

I can see by the look in your eye, Grandma, that you want that pendant. She’s a looker all right, I can’t deny that. Nice colors, good detail, an all around class  gift.  But before you do I need to let you in on a little secret…

It’s “not a good deal.”

You see, that little pendant is priced at $129. Don’t listen to the hype about the inlaid stone and master craftsmanship, they cost the Merv Griffin Corporation no more than $8 to make.  That means for every one sold, Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Merv Griffin are cramming their well-stuffed pockets with another $100 bill. They don’t need the money, they could sell it for a reasonable price. They could reward you, the loyal viewer, with a decent product at a reasonable cost. But they’re greedy:  Pat bathes in Dom, Merv wants a Cadillac made of gold, and Vanna eats Swarovski Crystals for breakfast.  They know you have watched the show every day for 25 years and that you will be smitten by this product. They plan to rip you off aren’t being thoughtful.

Look, I understand, I’m not a heartless cad. Frankly, it’s a good looking pendant. If I was into the Wheel I would want it too. But, at some point, reason must intercede. I like baseball but I stopped shelling out money for tickets years ago.  Know why?  Because I refuse to support a system that pays a player $20 million a year while 63,000 people lost their jobs last month.  This is the same thing. Vanna flips a letter, Pat reads a cue card, and Merv works his rolodex. I think — at some point — the hundreds of millions they have made off of this is enough.

So enough from me. I promised you the link and here it is my wheel watching friend.

On the other hand, if you are looking to spend money on a pendant that is both reasonably priced and fashionable, might I suggest this little beauty? I found it while searching for the Wheel of Fortune pendants on Amazon. It’s “Wheel-esque” yet attractive. it’s also on sale right now, from $49 to $22.  No one is getting rich here.  But you’re getting a decent product that won’t clash with literally everything you own.  


Or visit this lady’s site.  She handcrafts her jewelry at home and has a cute picture of a kid on her page.  The kid may have been borrowed from a neighbor but, in any event, she needs the cash more than Merv, I assure you.