Until recently the Democratic campaign was relatively civil. In her effort to win at all costs, however, Hillary unleased her armada: challenging Obama’s religious beliefs, experience and sincerity. The problem for Hillary is that these kind of attacks are more like boomerangs, or heat seeking missiles (if you prefer). They may cause damage but, if you miss, they’ll bite you in the ass.

And here it comes.

It’s not news that Bill Bradley, former Democratic Senator from New Jersey and Hall of Fame Baller, supports Barack Obama. Until now, however, he has kept his accusations private. Apparently, no longer. Last night he appeared on NewHour and made some interesting statements about the Clintons:

Starting with you, Senator Bradley, do you believe that both Clinton and Obama are viable candidates and both should go on from this point on?

BILL BRADLEY: I think Barack Obama has a much stronger chance of beating John McCain in the general election. I think Hillary is flawed in many ways, and particularly if you look at her husband’s unwillingness to release the names of the people who contributed to his presidential library.

And the reason that is important — you know, are there favors attached to $500,000 or $1 million contributions? And what do I mean by favors? I mean, pardons that are granted; investigations that are squelched; contracts that are awarded; regulations that are delayed.

These are important questions. The people deserve to know. And we deserve, as Democrats, to know before a nominee is selected, because we don’t want things to explode in a general election against John McCain.

It’s pretty clear that the Clintons have skeletons in their closet; maybe it has always been clear. They are adroit at covering those issues up, downplaying them, or ignoring the criticism. In the past the issue has always been evidence; the accusers don’t have it. But if a Party elder like Bill Bradley makes such a statement you have to assume he has evidence.

The Clintons counted on these people keeping such information private but if they’re going to rend the party apart, such expectations have to go out the window.