I came across this sniglet on TMQ’s website and decided to buy this book:

Yale’s Secret Weapon: Harvard has so much money because it’s Harvard; Stanford has a mega-endowment because the school was in on the ground floor of Google stock. Why does Yale have so much money? Because its endowment is run by remarkable money manager David Swensen. Yale’s endowment has returned almost 16 percent per annum since Swensen took over in 1985, a much better long-term track record than that of any hedge fund or similarly hyped investment vehicle. In fact, it’s a much better return than the investments made by places such as Merrill Lynch, where the executives award themselves hundreds of millions of dollars for their supposed astonishing expertise. Swensen is even a decent human being, paying himself far less than he could earn on Wall Street. A decent human being in the money-management profession, how did that happen? Swensen’s 2005 book “Unconventional Success” is also the best personal-investment guide on the market. Unlike the phony junk in the get-rich-quick aisles of bookstores — “How to Become a Billionaire in Twenty Seconds with Nothing Down” — Swensen’s advice is specific and practical. I commend “Unconventional Success” as containing all that most people need to know about rational investment decisions and retirement saving.

Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment